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Evolve Comfort

Evolve Comfort is a corporation based in Canada, which has roots dating back to 1977 in the Mattress Manufacturing Industry. With such lineage, our experienced engineers have perfected the science to make a flawless mattress sure to leave you with comfortable and peaceful nights. Every mattress needs to be specifically tailored to meet the client’s needs, therefore, we recommend everyone to fill out our survey on the product page to determine which mattress will suit you the best.

Sleep Better & Improve Your Health

Less sinking, more sleeping

At a Evolve Comfort, you will find a full range of mattresses to suit every shape, size and personal preference. And because we manufacture locally and deliver quickly, you could be sleeping on your new mattress in a matter of days. All of our mattresses are handmade, and meticulously crafted so they enjoy a long life.

Discover Fresh Styles






Evolve comfort produces mattresses and bases made to order in any size and shape using the same high quality materials and handmade craftmanship. We’re committed to improvement, and will continue to add high quality, amazing sleep products for you to enjoy.