The Science Behind the Mattress

How is Evolve Comfort different from other mattresses?

While the survey might seem like a quick and effortless way to get your personalized results, our algorithms are working extremely hard to ensure you get the top recommendation. Evolve Comfort takes pride in providing people with the best night’s sleep, in order to do this, we carefully analyze each and every detail of your personalized input. What details may seem simple or irrelevant can actually make a major impact on the effectiveness of your mattress. Evolve Comfort spares no detail when it comes to developing exactly what you’re looking for.

All of our mattresses have a special posture support layer and thus are not rolled in order to retain its properties, and prolong its life.

Mattress Performance Characteristics

Firm or Soft?

When searching for a mattress the most common characteristic people look for is the feel. This is often referred to as how soft or firm the mattress is. The feel of a mattress is determined by Indentation Load Deflection for the top layers of the mattress. People commonly attribute a soft mattress as a less supportive one, however this is a misconception. Depending on how a mattress is built it can have a soft feel while still ensuring proper support.


Point Elasticity

You might be wondering what is point elasticity and why does it matter to me? Point elasticity refers to how supportive your mattress is at certain points. When sleeping on your side or putting weight on a certain body part how well is your mattress able to support your spine. These body parts push further into the mattress than the rest of your body, this tends to create an uneven level of support. To ensure that your spine isn’t being curved, your mattress must have the correct level of point elasticity.


Spinal Support

When choosing a mattress, the most crucial factor should be the support. The support of a mattress determines how your body will rest on the mattress for example, how far will your body sink into the mattress. Finding the proper level of support is important because it determines the natural curvature of your spine during your sleep. When a mattress support is too soft or firm the curving of your spine is limited which leads to problems in the future.


Hot or Cold?

The materials of a mattress play a significant role in determining the temperature of your body at night, certain materials allow airflow while others restrict it. Our mattresses are made with High-Grade Polyfoam which allows an open airflow throughout the mattress. Temperature regulation is often overlooked when purchasing a mattress, but to get the perfect night’s sleep every detail must be accounted for.

Shaniqua Brown

After searching for a new mattress for months I came across Evolve Comfort, at first, I was skeptical how could I get a custom mattress for such an affordable price. I ended up taking a risk and ordering from Evolve, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mattress. My mattress arrived within 4 business days and was ready to use right away. It took me a few days to get used to the mattress, but it’s done wonders for my sleep. Before this mattress I had back pains daily, I thought the pains were just from old age but now I can tell it was from the wrong mattress. I’m glad I spent the money to finally upgrade.

Tiffany Yang

My husband and I are very different sleepers, he’s a heavy sleeper while the smallest movements wake me up. Previously I’d have sleepless nights from the tossing and turning, now I’m able to peacefully sleep through the night no matter how much he moves. Great solution for couples with different sleeping patterns.

Hamza A.

Great product! Totally satisfied with my new mattress!

Alexandra Pereira

No more aches and pains. I’m able to wake up fresh and have a great start to the day. My previous mattress offered no spinal support and I could feel my posture deteriorating every day, I can easily say this has been one of my best purchases in a long time.

Edward L.

Great mattress, I’ll be purchasing my future mattresses from here as well.

Fatima Akbar

My children were always complaining how their mattress was sinking in the middle and that it was uncomfortable. Now that we switched over, our kids are more than satisfied with their new mattresses.

Mike & Jane

My husband works late and was always disturbing my sleep, after getting a dual comfort mattress I can finally sleep through the night without being disturbed!


Austin & Sarah

Since getting a split mattress both my wife and I cannot get over how well we sleep at night. We both wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Raven & Lori

My girlfriend and I have similar lifestyles and sleep patterns so we decided to go for the blended mattress. Our mattress allowed us to have a mix of both soft and firm, we both love this mattress so much!