One Mattress, Two People

One mattress is all that matters

Sleeping with your partner is often called therapeutic but because of different needs and sleep patterns, one of you ends up compromising on valuable sleep.

At Evolve Comfort, we want to help you get past these meaningless issues and spend time where it really counts, sleeping! We allow both of you to customize your mattress based on your gender, age, weight, preference. Our Dual Comfort Mattress are the best sleep solutions for couples helping them achieve sound and peaceful nights without tossing and turning.

Reasons why you need a couples mattress

  1. Both of you can’t agree on the firmness of the mattress
  2. At night one of you is hot while the other is cold
  3. The constant tossing and turning wakes you up at odd hours of the night
  4. While your partner is fast asleep, you’re struggling to get comfortable and feel restricted
  5. You sleep and wake up at different times disturbing one another’s sleep

Where do we start?

Start by filling out our online survey with your partner. After the survey has been completed we will analyze the results using our cutting-edge sleep algorithm. Once the results have been fully analyzed Evolve Comfort will provide you with the best personalized configuration for you and your partner. Every detail matters when it comes to a good night’s sleep!

The Types of Couples Mattresses


Our blended mattresses offer a nice compromise throughout the mattress allowing a consistent feel with optimized comfort and support.

  • Sizes Available:
    • King Mattress 76” x 80”
    • California King Mattress 72” x 84”
    • Queen Mattress 60” x 80”
    • Full Mattress 54” x 75”
    • Twin XL Mattress 39” x 80”
    • Twin Mattress 39” x 75”
  • Shipping: 5 – 7 Business Days

Dual Comfort

The Dual Comfort mattress offers the ultimate personalization for couples with both sides of the mattress being completely unique. With the help of the survey you fill out, we aim to provide you with a bespoke sleeping solution giving you 100% comfort on your side of the bed. This mattress not only works wonders for your sleep, but also your relationship!

  • Sizes Available:
    • King Mattress 76” x 80”
    • California King Mattress 72” x 84”
    • Queen Mattress 60” x 80”
  • Shipping: 5 – 7 Business Days
  • Personalized feel on each side
Mike & Jane

My husband works late and was always disturbing my sleep, after getting a dual comfort mattress I can finally sleep through the night without being disturbed!


Austin & Sarah

Since getting a split mattress both my wife and I cannot get over how well we sleep at night. We both wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Raven & Lori

My girlfriend and I have similar lifestyles and sleep patterns so we decided to go for the blended mattress. Our mattress allowed us to have a mix of both soft and firm, we both love this mattress so much!