Find The Perfect Pillow For Your Needs

When was the last time you thought about your bed pillows? If your answer is “it’s been a long time” or “never,” you’re not alone in that thinking. Most people tend to only focus on their single mattress, and for good reason. Your mattress is the most important financial investment you’ll make in ensuring a good night’s sleep. But when it comes to sleep quality, pillows are almost as important as your mattress. If it’s time for you to update your pillows, here are some key questions to keep in mind when pillow shopping:

Is It Really Time To Replace Your Pillow?

Some of the reasons you might want to update your pillow:

  • Give your pillow a good sniff. If it smells off, then it’s time to wash it or trash it.
  • If it’s lost its springy and fluffy quality, doesn’t bounce back well or feels lumpy.
  • The pillow you have isn’t the best choice for your comfort and support.

Whatever the case might be, if it’s been at least two to three years since you last bought your pillow, it might be time to do some shopping.


What Is Your Sleep Position?

The perfect pillow for you should be one that provides you proper comfort and support. If you wake up feeling sore, a big reason why could be caused by the type of pillow you have. While there are no strict rules for what kind of pillow you should have, there are a few basic guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • Side sleepers should choose pillows that are firm and thick.
  • Stomach sleepers can opt for a soft and thin pillow.
  • Back sleepers require flatter and supportive pillows.

What Is Your Mattress Like?

Mattress and pillows go together like peanut butter and jelly, so you need to make sure they work well together. For example, if you have a firmer mattress, than a softer pillow may provide you with better quality sleep. In the case of a softer mattress, a firmer pillow will help keep your head and neck aligned better.

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