Are You A Side Sleeper? Here’s What You Need To Know

Here at Evolve Comfort, we offer Canadians the best mattress sales and deals in Mississauga, whether you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper, to provide you with the best sleep possible. With over 41 years of experience in the mattress manufacturing industry, many people ask us if there is a better side to sleep on, and the short answer to that is yes! In some ways, side sleepers have it better than others with different sleep positions. Here are some things to know if you sleep on your side at night:

Side SleeperThe Pros of Sleeping On Your Side

Did you know that around 74% of people are side sleepers? Side sleeping is the most popular position for people to sleep in, and it makes sense why considering the benefits of sleeping in this position. Side sleeping can include benefits such as providing spinal support, as well as alleviating snoring and sleep apnea symptoms.

The Cons of Sleeping On Your Side

While side sleeping can have great health benefits for you, it’s also important to note the possible cons you might experience as a side sleeper. One of the cons of side sleeping is known as paresthesia (or in common terms “pins and needles”), which causes numbness in certain body parts due to either a lack of blood flow or too much pressure placed onto a nerve. Additionally, side sleepers can also suffer from frequent shoulder, neck, and back pain when sleeping the wrong way.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleeping

Purchasing a mattress specifically meant for side sleeping can be the best gift you can give to your body, sleep and your health overall! When you sleep on your side, you need a mattress that supports your neck, waist, spine, shoulders and hips. If you wake up with pain in your shoulders and hips or numbness in your legs or arms, you may need a different mattress.

Evolve Comfort: Offering Canadians The Best Mattress Sales & Deals in Mississauga

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