3 Reasons You’re Always Tired

Feeling tired on a regular basis is extremely common. As experts in the Mattress Manufacturing Industry offering king, queen, twin, and full-size mattresses for sale in Canada, we always advise our customers to make sure the reason they are not sleeping well isn’t because of their mattress. If you’ve already determined that your mattress isn’t the issue, then it’s worth exploring some other reasons why you’re exhausted. Here are a few reasons why you might be always tired and how you can get your energy back again:

Living An Inactive Lifestyle

A lot of people may find this hard to believe, but a ‘couch potato’ lifestyle could be the reason why you’re feeling so tired all the time. The best way to fix this is to just simply get up and move around more often! Stand rather than sit whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do jumping jacks during commercial breaks, and walk instead of driving short distances.

Using Phones In Bed

Now this is something that most of us are guilty of – spending way too much time on our phones, especially at night, which wreaks havoc on our sleep! The best solution for this issue is to not use our phones at least an hour or two before bedtime and to keep them out of the bedroom, so you’re not tempted to use them. However, if you find yourself really struggling to do this, check the settings on your phone (or download an app) to change the temperature shade on your screen. Reducing the amount of blue light your phone emits will prevent it from disrupting your sleep.

Dealing High Stress Levels

Stress is a normal part of everyday life; however extreme levels of stress can have a major effect on our energy levels. The best fix for this issue is to deal with your stress right away. Developing strategies for managing your stress may help prevent you from feeling completely exhausted, which in turn will not only lead to higher energy levels, but also help you to become better able to cope with stress on a regular basis.

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